I ... entered the poem of life, whose purpose is ... simply to witness the beauties of the world, to discover the many forms that love can take. (Barabara Blackman in 'Glass After Glass')

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19 June 2017

Visiting Letitia

I have left behind 
a head-shaped dent in the pillow,
a tub of cashews on the table,
a loaf of dark rye in the fridge,
a pair of long dark boots 
that fitted you better than me,
and some reassurances.

I have taken away
some deeper certainties,
my chakras re-aligned,
a magic square of cloth
to tuck under my mattress
for comfortable sleep,
and your wise face in my mind.

All that good talking stays –
a form of nurture. 
So much better than messages, 
emails, or even phone:
a weekend sitting on a couch
opposite yours in your living-room,
going nowhere but going everywhere.

Happily at home in your home –
over the years the scene
of family Christmas feasts –
I feel myself unfurl and stretch
like a fern, expanding in light.
You see me and do not judge
though you surely discern.

Because you share with me
the steps and halts of your journey, 
I've watched with concern, 
fascination, and final delight –
falling easily into a role
I've trained for all my life:
sounding-board, reality-check.

Again we told each other
more and more parts of our stories.
We ate good food. We laughed.
Occasionally we noticed
tears in each other's eyes.
We offered and needed no comfort
but open seeing and spoken truth.

You didn't want me to leave.
I didn't want to go.
But Life is calling us onward
into the everyday non-ordinary.
Never fear! I shall return
again when the time is right.
I know the road.

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  1. Thank you dearly. As you know,Arlene has gone on too. So your words touched me.

  2. This made me think of my sister. Really beautiful, Rosemary.

  3. What a nice visit! Thank you.

  4. Oh I have a soul sister I have such visits with (not nearly often enough). I loved this, Rosemary.

  5. Thank you for putting this into words! <3

  6. Oh yes, i knowthat kind of friendship....love the sharing, the laughter, the tears, "the open seeing and spoken truth". Wonderful!

  7. "All that good talking stays – / a form of nurture." Nothing can be more truer than this. Oh I soooo relate to this. Wonderful!

  8. Visits such as this are priceless treasures....memorable when they do...but rare! I like the ending - the knowing the road, the realization that you can (and will) return again.

  9. To know such a road to such a place where two are "going nowhere but going everywhere" is a blessing. This could be me and a good friend where I, too,
    "feel myself unfurl and stretch
    like a fern, expanding in light."
    Wonderful, complete.

  10. going nowhere but going everywhere.. is that the ultimate truth of a comfortable relationship. so nicely done!

  11. I love the comfort of that square cloth

  12. This is so incredibly poignant, Rosemary!!💘 Especially love; "Again we told each other more and more parts of our stories. We ate good food. We laughed. Occasionally we noticed tears in each other's eyes. We offered and needed no comfort but open seeing and spoken truth." Beautifully penned.💘

  13. How expressively beautiful this is Rosemary. How lucky some of us are to have such friends as this that give so much to each other but take nothing away except that love and mateship that time does not erode.

  14. Absolutely exquisite - caught my breath - brought tears to my eyes and ultimately a lift to my heart - thank you thank you thank you for this...

  15. This is a wonderful description of a visit... we should all have friends like that.

  16. Wonderfully penned piece of writing capturing a true comfortable friendship. Thank you for sharing this.

  17. Blessings on you and your friend. So rare it is to have someone in your life who understands - totally. I have a friend like this. the road is always open both ways.

  18. I once read somewhere "Friends are rare pearls in the strand of life", and it is so. Your words are eloquent and resonate with me!

  19. A lovely tribute to friendship. May you always remember the road.

  20. This is so delicately - and exquisitely - penned, gently cascading to a close that ends with a sigh and a shudder of wistful yearning.